Marilyn J. Payne -- Individualized Adornment

Welcome to  This is my general purpose website, meaning I
haven't decided what its permanent usage will be.     

I create jewelry and other adornments using silver and gold, art glass, gemstones,
pearls, shells, and whatever else strikes me as interesting.  I use techniques including
weaving, stringing, silver smithing, macrame, embroidery and sewing to allow the
beads and components to be displayed the way they want to be.

I have a
gallery and web store  where you can find the results of my passion -- jewelry
and accessory design.   Here are some samples of my work:
I thrive on challenge -- learning new techniques, creating a special piece for a client, and combining the
skills that I have been learning since I was in grade school.

Thanks for the visit, and please check out my
web store if you'd like to see more.